Whether a nonprofit, small business or a community member, you contribute meaningfully to the community and make this world a better place. We partner with our clients to ensure your accounts are in order, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters to you.

We see ourselves as partners in helping you succeed on your terms, viewing each client holistically and individually. We seek to build lasting partnerships to achieve financial growth. Only through this in-depth approach can we understand who you are, embrace your goals, analyze your challenges, and work toward your success.


We estimate that running a nonprofit organization is roughly four times more complex than running a traditional business. Nonprofits are publicly accountable for how they manage their money. In addition, many foundation and government grants require rigorous expenditure reporting. We specifically built the tools necessary to address these challenges and take on the unique complexities of non-profit accounting.

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We aim to give you peace of mind and to provide you with the time to enjoy the more important things in your life. By design, we ensure you retain final and complete control over your assets. Within that constraint, we can pay your bills, reconcile your accounts, track your income sources, and help you monitor and manage the flow of your funds.

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We are a small business too. We, too, have a passion for what we do. We know that people make small businesses out of their passions. We also know that to be successful, small businesses require endless amounts of time and work in the complexities of which most people have no knowledge—and no passion at all. We can be with entrepreneurs at the beginning to help get them off to an excellent start, work with them to relieve some of the burdens of growing their business, and celebrate with them as they succeed.

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